Modifications for dhewm3

Unfortunately dhewm3 can’t support all old Doom3 modifications, as it’s incompatible with old Game DLLs. This means that old Mods are only supported if they either have been ported to dhewm3 or don’t require their own Game DLL (but are using the one from the main game).
The essential requirement for porting Mods to dhewm3 is that the original Mod authors must release the source code under the GPLv3 license (that id Software chose when open sourcing Doom3). The dhewm3 SDK project page has more information.
General information about idTech4 (Doom3, Quake4, Prey, ET:QW, …) modding can be found at the idTech4 ModWiki.

NOTE that all mods (except for Fitz Packerton, which is a standalon game) require the full version of Doom3 (some also need the Resurrection of Evil addon, see the mod descriptions below for details).

List of supported Mods

Classic Doom 3

Classic Doom 3 is a remake of the first episode of the original Doom in Doom3.

A big THANK YOU to “SnoopJeDi” (and the rest of the Classic Doom 3 Team) for releasing this mod under GPL!

Denton’s Enhanced Doom3

This mod enhances the looks and sound of Doom3 and provides several new features for custom maps.

A big THANK YOU to “Clone JC Denton” for releasing his mod under GPL!

Fitz Packerton

Actually a small standalone game based on Doom3 GPL, so you don’t even need the Doom3 game data to run this!

Fitz Packerton is “A theatrical game about a man and the things he carries. Pack what you must. Pray you won’t need it.”

Hard Corps

The DOOM 3: Hard Corps is an enhanced/remastered version of the classic HardQore2 mod for Doom3.
It brings classic, fast paced, thumb blistering side scrolling action to Hell.
If you’re a fan of classic action games such as Contra & Metal Slug; then Hard Corps is what you have been waiting for.

Thanks a lot to Revility and Ivan_the_B (and the rest of the HardQore2 / Hard Corps team) for developing this Mod for dhewm3! :-)


LibreCoop is an open source coop mod for dhewm 3 supporting both the base game and the Resurrection of Evil Addon.

Thanks a lot to Stradex for developing this awesome mod that finally allows cooperative multiplayer in dhewm3!

Scarlet Rivensin: The Ruiner

Scarlet Rivensin: The Ruiner (formerly known as just “Ruiner”) is a dark, nightmarish, third person action modification for Doom3 & dhewm 3. The player assumes the role of a herald of Death & fights hordes of the damned using unique weapons, abilities and spells.

Thanks a lot to Revility (and the rest of the Rivensin/Ruiner team) for releasing the source under GPL!

The Lost Mission

An entire new episode for Doom3!

Thanks a lot to Arl90 for releasing the source under GPL!