dhewm3 is a source port of the original Doom3 (not Doom3 BFG, for that you may want to try RBDoom3BFG). It's known to work on Windows, Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and AROS, but it should work on (or be easily portable to) any system that supports OpenGL 1.4 with ARB shaders, SDL and OpenAL.
Compared to the original version of Doom3, dhewm3 has many bugfixes, supports EAX-like sound effects on all operating systems and hardware (via OpenAL Softs EFX support), has much better support for widescreen resolutions and has 64bit support.

It only supports old Mods if they either don't require their own game DLL or have been ported to dhewm3 - see the Mods page for more information.

Note that while the Doom3 source code has been released under GPL, you still need to legally own the game and provide dhewm3 the game data to play. See the How to Install section for more information.


2019-03-11: A first prerelease of dhewm3 1.5.1

There are no immediate plans for the final 1.5.1 release, but the current status might be interesting :-)

Changes since 1.5.0:

2018-12-16: dhewm3 1.5.0 released

The final version of 1.5.0 release is now available!
You can download it (incl. builds for Windows and 64bit Linux) at Github

Changes since 1.4.1:

2018-07-11: dhewm3.org launched

dhewm3 now has an official homepage!

I guess it makes sense to be a bit less dependent on Github (especially as it has been bought by Microsoft, but also in general), so I decided to create this homepage with a domain I control.
Another advantage is that it has some screenshots and more user-centric documentation than the README.md.
We'll continue to use Github for hosting the code and issues (and indeed this page via github pages), but if we need to migrate to another hoster some day, dhewm3.org will still be reachable and will link to the new code repo and issue tracker instead.

2016-06-18: dhewm3 1.4.1 released

Fixes/improvements since 1.4.0:

How to Install

Getting the Doom3 Game Data

You'll need the game data from a Doom3 installation patched to 1.3.1. Specifically, you'll need the following .pk4 files for the main game:

Filename Size MD5-sum
base/pak000.pk4 337MB 71b8d37b2444d3d86a36fd61783844fe
base/pak001.pk4 220MB 4bc4f3ba04ec2b4f4837be40e840a3c1
base/pak002.pk4 398MB fa84069e9642ad9aa4b49624150cc345
base/pak003.pk4 303MB f22d8464997924e4913e467e7d62d5fe
base/pak004.pk4 227MB 38561a3c73f93f2e6fd31abf1d4e9102
base/pak005.pk4 540KB 2afd4ece27d36393b7538d55a345b90d
base/pak006.pk4 214KB a6e7003fa9dcc75073dc02b56399b370
base/pak007.pk4 118KB 6319f086f930ec1618ab09b4c20c268c
base/pak008.pk4 12KB 28750b7841de9453eb335bad6841a2a5

... and (optionally) these .pk4 files for the Resurrection of Evil addon:

Filename Size MD5-sum
d3xp/pak000.pk4 514MB a883fef0fd10aadeb73d34c462ff865d
d3xp/pak001.pk4 98KB 06fc9be965e345587064056bf22236d2

... from CD/DVD + Patch

If you bought the game on CDs/DVD, base/pak000.pk4 - pak004.pk4 and d3xp/pak000.pk4 can be copied from the disks, the other files are from the patch.

On Linux (and probably other Unix-like systems and maybe even Windows with a mingw shell) you can extract the needed files from the official 1.3.1 patch for Linux with:

sh /path/to/doom3-linux- --tar xvf --wildcards base/pak* d3xp/pak*

On Windows you can just install the game and the official 1.3.1 patch for Windows and then get the files from the installation directory (or copy dhewm3 in there).

... from Steam

First you need to buy Doom3 of course (and the Resurrection of Evil Addon, if you want that too; Note that the Addon is not available in Germany).

Thankfully the game from Steam is already fully patched to 1.3.1.

On Windows, just install it and copy the game data from there (see above for what files are needed).

On Linux/OSX unfortunately you can't just install the game (unless you run Windows Steam in Wine), because it's Windows-only on Steam.
However, you can still download it with SteamCMD.
See this description for Linux or here for OS X on how to install SteamCMD on your system. You won't have to create a new user.

Then you can download Doom3 with

./steamcmd.sh +@sSteamCmdForcePlatformType windows +login <YOUR_STEAM_LOGIN_NAME> +force_install_dir ./doom3/ +app_update 9050 validate +quit

(replace <YOUR_STEAM_LOGIN_NAME> with your steam login name)
When it's done you should have the normal windows installation of doom3 in ./doom3/ and the needed files in ./doom3/base/
It should be possible to get the Resurection of Evil data in the same way, by replacing 9050 with 9070; the files should be in ./doom3/d3xp/ then.

By the way, that number is the "AppID" of Doom3/RoE; if you wanna use this to get the data of other games you own, you can look up the AppID at SteamDB.

Getting dhewm3 executables

On Windows you can just download the Win32 binaries from the Download page.
You can either extract them into your Doom3 installation directory, or into a fresh directory and copy the needed game data (see above) in there.
Similarly, you can find x86_64 (amd64) Linux binaries there.

On Linux and *BSD it might be that your package manager provides a dhewm3 package/port that you can install; please refer to that packages documentation on where to put the game data.
You could also try telling dhewm3 where to find the game data with:

dhewm3 +set fs_basepath /home/HansWerner/Games/doom3

(adjust the path to your needs)

If your package manager does not provide dhewm3 (or you're on macOS/OSX and there is none), or you want to use the very latest code, you'll have to compile it yourself. It's not super hard, see the README for details on compiling and the FAQ on where to put the game data.